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The Mõigu Industrial Park is on the 6th kilometer of the Tallinn-Tartu-Valga highway, 0.3 km from the border of the City of Tallinn and 6 km from the Tallinn circular highway, situated on the eastern side of the highway.
Access to the Mõigu Industrial Park territory is from the Tartu highway through the Tähnase and Läike road. See the map ...


The Mõigu Industrial Park development started in 2004 by which the first detailed planning was done and the issues of roads, engineering networks and installations solved. The first building completed was the Kiilto logistics center that manages the supply of the company’s whole chain of offices in the Baltic States. The design works on other buildings started also in 2004. In 2005, the Mõigu Industrial Park saw the completion of several business centers that are based on Estonian and foreign capital. The Mõigu Industrial Park territory will also see the completion of one of the region’s most important traffic junctions, the two-tiered Peetri junction, the construction of which will start in 2006. The whole Mõigu Industrial Park will be fully developed in three stages (see ...). All of the roads and engineering networks required for the functioning of the Mõigu Industrial Park will be completed in phases and will be fully ready by the first half of 2007.

The purpose of the developed lots is to provide commercial and production land, enabling the construction of production buildings, offices, warehouses, stores etc.